The sun is an eternal source of energy and it sustains all life on earth. The insolation received on Earth every hour is more than what we currently consume in a year. With the technological innovations arising in harnessing the power of the sun for common use, the potential to leave behind a legacy of cleaner, greener and ever sustainable Earth for future generations should be 100%.

Why invest in solar energy

For generations, we have damaged our global environment in a constant quest for more electrical power. It’s one thing to go solar because you’re a plant advocate and would love to protect the environment. However, it’s another thing to invest in solar as there are added benefits to this process, which could make a great deal of impact. Some of them are:

70 MWp Solar PV Park Evacuating at 132/33 kV Sub-Station (2017)

At NewEnergie Renewables Powertech, we are proud to announce that we have recently commissioned our Substation for 50 MW Solar Park at Village Mograle on Phaltan - Dahiwadi Road in Distt Satara, Maharashtra.

Key Highlights of our plant:

  • All necessary Approval acquired
  • Charged the 132/33 KV Substation
  • Land in possession
  • Adequate Water availability
  • Higher Plant uptime of 99.3% when compared to a typical 33 KV evacuation facility.

NewEnergie Renewables CSR

We have executed a project at Bal Ashram which is located a few kilometres ahead of Aurangabad. Home to 29 children, this orphanage provides the basic comforts to these children that most of us are blessed with. Electricity in such rural villages is difficult to get with every evening spent by these children being uncertain about the power.

Our CSR activity involved installing a 3 KW off-grid, battery-tied project, which has helped these children get out of darkness. The image below reflects the benefits of the unquestionable power of sunlight that can impact the lives of not only the privileged society, but also help in developing the rural community. It is indeed a proud moment for us to see our efforts bring beaming smiles onto the little one’s faces.