Our Vision

We resolve to do our bit selflessly and move towards a Greener Earth, a better tomorrow, a sustainable habitat for future generations and clean air to promote better health for all.

We further commit to optimize the use of abundantly available renewable energies and take tangible steps towards the mitigation of Greenhouse Gases to leave behind a legacy of a sustainable Earth for generations to come.

Our Objectives:

The primary objective is to provide the energy to power the electric vehicles from renewable sources of energy, mainly Solar, to move towards the cleaner forms of mobility in the true sense.

Further we strive to provide an infrastructure for Electric Vehicles to impart highest levels of efficiency in terms of costs and convenience.

With the above, we intend to provide a catalyst for faster penetration of Electric Vehicles into the mainstream mobility and create an end-to-end ecosystem that encompasses every aspect of the EV business by also providing the services right at the doorstep of the consumer.

The Beginning of a Transition

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Internal Combustion Engines - The beginning of the end

It had a good run. But the end is in sight for the machine that changed the world

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Battery Electric Vehicles – The New Age Revolution

Electric propulsion offers enormous environmental, health and cost-economic benefits.

A Comparison

Internal Combustion Engine

  • Converts Chemical Energy to Motion using fossil fuels.
  • Greenhouse Gas ( CO2 – eq) exhausts results in irreversible air pollution.
  • More than 20,000 moving parts and lubricating and cooling fluids demand higher maintenance.
  • Higher running costs @ > Rs 7.00/Km (Avg Indian conditions)
  • Contributes to Noise Pollution
  • Infrastructure exists as on date

Battery Electric Vehicles

  • Converts Electrical Energy to Motion using AC/DC Motors.
  • NO Emissions
  • Less than 100 moving parts and negligible lubricating and cooling fluids results in negligible maintenance.
  • Low running costs @ < Rs 2.00/Km (at Avg Indian Energy Tariff)
  • NO Noise Pollution.
  • Infrastructure has to be created as the concept of E-mobility is coming back.

Our Offering

  • Zero Investment on Generation of Green Energy and e-Mobility Infrastructure.
  • Free Operations and Maintenance of the Infrastructure.
  • Value Added Services
  • e-Commerce Platform
  • ‘Pay-As-U-Go’ for the availed services.